BioRescue Skin Therapy for Pet 120ml






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  • BioRescue pet skin repair spray is extracted with New Zealand patented technology and contains the organic antibacterial ingredient 'TOTAROL' approved by the international medical beauty authority L'oreal Group.

  • Vet recommend to repair wounds, bacteria, Ringworm, eczema allergies and all damaged skin, special effects to relieve quickly, help you properly care for the delicate skin of cats and dogs!

  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, fight against a variety of bacteria, including Gram +ve/-ve and MRSA, accelerate healing time by 3 times, without steroids.

  • Usage : Spray directly on the affected area of ​​the skin. Use it three to four times a day also can be used more frequently as needed, without washing.

  • Ingredients:

BioRescue Skin Therapy for Pet 120ml
BioRescue Skin Therapy for Pet 120ml
BioRescue Skin Therapy for Pet 120ml
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