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PetKind Tripett Canned Dog Food - Green Venison Tripe Formula 14oz






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  • PetKind Tripett “Green Venison Tripe” is a grain free product consisting of nearly 100% pure meat and tripe (green venison tripe). Good for all breeds and all sizes. Tripett. Feed well.

  • Green venison tripe is the unbleached, nutrient rich stomach lining of a grass-fed animal containing essential fatty acids and digestive juices important for your pet’s health. Venison is high in protein, but low in calories and cholesterol. This product is great for someone looking for all the incredible benefits of green tripe with a diversified protein source.

  • Good for / Benefits:
    • Picky Eaters
    • Sensitive Stomachs
    • Cleaner Teeth
    • Digestive Improvement
    • Healthy & Nutritious for puppies
    • Rejuvenation for older dogs
    • Lustrous and Healthy Skin+Coat
    • Aids pets in food and diet transitions

  • Why Feed Green Tripe?
    Green Tripe is exceptionally high in Unsaturated, high quality fat with health benefits, including Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids and Oleic Acid. This Omega 9 Fatty Acid helps burn fat reserves while providing intestinal health, and also contributes to diabetes prevention and a stronger immune system.
    70% of protein in green tripe is composed of 7 major amino acids, providing incredible health benefits
    Proline - Helps maintain sound muscles and joints as it is required for cartilage/collagen production. Supports immune response and wound healing.
    Glutamic Acid - Important for brain functions such as message transferring. Helps metabolize sugars and fats required under high physical activity.
    Aspartic Acid - A stamina booster and important generator of cellular energy and brain cells. Detoxifies body cells. Supports a strong immune system by aiding immunoglobulins and antibody production.
    Alanine - A blood sugar regulator which helps trigger glucose release into blood stream, enabling rapid energy supply throughout the body. Involved in kidney stone prevention and urinary tract health.
    Leucine - Promotes muscle recovery and repair after activity.
    Glycine - Used for blood quality and is a key component of haemoglobin. Supports in transferring glucose into energy. Plays an important role in gene and DNA composition.
    Arginie - Contributes to a healthy vascular and circulatory system.

  • Ingredients:
    Green Venison Tripe, Water, Garlic, Carrageenan Gum

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein: 10.5% (min)
    Crude Fat: 4.8% (min)
    Crude Fiber: 0.3% (max)
    Moisture: 79.9% (max)
    Ash: 1% (max)
    Omega-6 fatty acids: 0.14% (min)
    Omega-3 fatty acids: 0.15% (min)
    Sodium: 90.7mg/100g
    Phosphorus: 69.2mg/100g
    Calcium: 92.6mg/100g
    Calorie Content: 833 kcal/kg, 330.2 Cal/can

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