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Holistic Blend Natural Wormer 30 Capsules


Holistic Blend 加拿大楓葉




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  • Holistic Blend Natural Wormer is a natural and effective way to expel worms and parasites, including tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and pinworm in both cats and dogs. It is an all natural herb remedy consisting of: betel nut, polporus mylittae, pumpkin seed, garlic, wormwood, rhizoma rhei, mint leaf, clove, green hull black walnut and cellulase.

  • Roundworm, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Pinworms, Fasciolopsis, Schitosomiasis, Blood Flukes, Intestinal Parasites. If your pet is experiencing any of these problems, our Holistic Blend Natural Wormer is an excellent supplement that targets these problem areas.

  • Holistic Blend Natural Wormer treats all worm conditions, except Heartworm. Heartworms should be treated ONLY by a veterinarian.

  • INGREDIENTS: Betel Nut, Polyporus Mylittae, Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic Powder, Wormwood, Rhizoma Rhei, Mint Leaves, Cloves, Walnut and Cellulose

  • Feeding Guidelines:
    Kitten: 1/2 capsule
    Cat or Puppy: 1 capsule
    Dogs up to 100lbs: 2 capsules
    Dogs over 100lbs: 3 capsules

  • Holistic Blend Natural Wormer should be taken on an empty stomach before breakfast for 7 days on, 7 days off, 7 days on. The first treatment (7 days on) is to kill and expel live adult worms. The second treatment (7 days off) is to allow any implanted eggs to hatch. The third treatment (7 days on) is to kill off and expel newly hatched worms.

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