SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush for Cats




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  • SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush allows rubbing using thumb finger and index finger simultaneously gently to remove plaque from your pet’s teeth.

  • SHIZU-KICHI brand that related to oral health for your cat. Meals for cat is getting even more delicious, at the same time it does grows plaque and calculus easier on their teeth. If left untreated, it may develop become periodontal disease.

  • This product is recommended for those beginner pet owner who are yet be able to use regular brush handle. Apply finger toothbrush with pet used toothpaste on both hand for a easier brushing experience.

  • Pet owner be able to switch to regular toothbrush once your pet dog familiar with tooth brushing habit.

  • Apply Finger toothbrush on your thumb finger and index finger, remember to pull and apply the stopper part for a firm and stable brushing experience. After applying few drop of toothpaste, rub gently on the teeth and line between the gum as well. The inner part is also essential to clean as well. For a easier process, please apply on both hand during brush.

  • Material: Cotton、Nylon、Polyurethane

  • For more details, please refer to: SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush

SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush
SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush
SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush
SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush
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