VetriScience Vetri Lysine Plus Bite-Sized Chews 120 Count


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  • Vetri Lysine Plus are bite-sized and highly palatable chicken liver-flavored chews for felines. Designed to support immune system function, Vetri Lysine Plus also supports antibody and lymphocyte production and tissue repair.

  • Vetri Lysine Plus are so called because of the inclusion of Dimethylglycine, an intermediary metabolite that is naturally produced in the body in small amounts during the methylation process. Vetri-Science® Laboratories holds four U.S. patents on DMG, backed by 20 years of extensive research.

  • Lysine is known to compete with L-arginine, another amino acid that is required by the herpes virus for replication.

  • Lysine supports hormone and enzyme production, as well as collagen formation, tissue repair and antioxidant activity.

  • 120 fun shaped chews per pack. Suitable for felines and kittens.

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