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Size 尺碼Waist 腰圍


  • WHAT IS A BELLY BAND? YOU MAY ASK.... Do You Answer Yes to Any of These Questions? 1) Does your male dog continually lift his leg on your furniture or whatever corner smells good to him? 2) Does he keep going to the same spot on your carpet no matter how thoroughly you have cleaned it? 3) Is he incontinent? 4) Is your boy dog just unable to hold it through the night? 5) Do you need a potty training aid? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then your boy needs a BELLY BAND!

  • Belly Bands help put a stop to additional doggie odor and make your dog feel more secure knowing he will not be yelled at or punished. Unlike a diaper, the Belly Band does not fit between the legs, but wraps around the boy's tummy with extra protection in the important area.

  • The Belly Band has a wide Velcro strip at each end for quick removal when your dog is going outside and it takes only seconds to put back on when your dog comes in.

  • Be sure to measure your pet before purchase, please refer to the size chart above

* Please allow 1-3cm error in size due to manual measurement. *
* Images are captured from actual product, please note that color may differ as shown on different monitors due to resolution settings difference and light effects *

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