KissyPoint is KissyPet Shopping Reward. 1 KissyPoint = HK$1 value.
Spend more and save more every time!

How to collect KissyPoint?

  • Customer can earn 1 KissyPoint for every $50 spending at KissyPet, 2 KissyPoint for every $100 spending, and so on.

How to use KissyPoint?

  • Customer can convert KissyPoint to KissyPet voucher at the same value. When orders over HK$50, use the coupon code redeemed as cash at checkout.

KissyPoint expiry?

  • KissyPoint will be effective on your payment date and you can redeem all valid KissyPoint into cash voucher within 180 days starting from order date.
  • Redeemed cash vouchers are valid for 1 year starting from order date. Customer is required to use the redeemed vouchers within valid period, or forfeited.

Earn KissyPoint

Every $50 spending  = 1 KissyPoint = HK$1 Cash Rebate

KissyPoint entitled will be shown at checkout


My KissyPoint

You can always checkout your KissyPoint details, simply go to "My Account", then click on "My KissyPoints".


Redeem Cash Voucher

Here, you can check out your KissyPoint available and redemption record.

Click to orange button to transform KissyPoints into cash voucher.


Use Cash Voucher

Once transformed into cash voucher, voucher will be shown at checkout.

Simply click on voucher code to use as cash at checkout. That's it and enjoy!