Secure Payment

Customers can choose one of the payment methods at checkout:

Bank TransferCredit CardE-Wallet

1. Bank Transfer

  • Please choose "Bank Transfer" for payment at checkout. You will receive an order confirmation email with bank transfer information inside.
  • You can use FPS / bank counter / ATM / Online Banking / Fast Payment Service for deposit. Deposit slip must be kept and sent to us for verification. If you use Online Banking for deposit, please provide confirmation screenshot
  • Please use one of the following ways to inform and provide deposit slip after payment made:
    1. On our website, login to your account and then click "Contact us" on top right corner, click "Paid & upload deposit slip" and choose your order, and upload the deposit slip. Click "Submit" when finish.
    2. Email to, please provide your order number and deposit slip in email.
    3. Whatsapp to +852-53300551, please provide your order number and deposit slip in whatsapp.

    We will verify your payment within 1 business day after receiving deposit slip. Once we confirm your payment, your order status will be updated to "Payment verified".

2. Credit Card (Paypal) *Not available during BIG SALE*

  • Choose Pay by Credit Card (Paypal) at checkout. You will be directed to Paypal and simply follow the instructions to complete the payment. Order status will be updated automatically once the payment is finished. You are not required to provide deposit slip, fast and convenient.

3. eWallet

  • Choose Pay by eWallet (PayMe / WeChat Pay/ Octopus Wallet) at checkout.
  • Simply scan our QR Code at checkout.
  • Do Payment with order number written on the remark field. Please send us payment record screenshot if no remark is written.
  • Wait for our confirmation on the order status in our website.
  • WeChat Pay Introduction : Click this link
  • Alipay HK Introduction : Click this link
  • PayMe Introduction : Click this link
  • Octopus Wallet Introduction : Click this link