Personal Privacy Declaration

KissyPet company and website provide the best service for your excellency and respect your excellency individual personal secrets. Therefore, this company when collecting, maintaining and using personal data and ensure observes Hong Kong legal regulation Chapter 486 "personal data (privacy) ordinance" request.

Request information
KissyPet company and website have several places possibly to request your excellency to provide the personal data, these informations possibly include:
- Login name and password
- Name
- Address
- Sex
- Date of birth
- Email address
- Telephone number

When registers into the member, company possibly requests your excellency to provide the above information. Your excellency agreed the information provided are correct and real, effective and complete.

Information use
If the information is not correct, is not real, invalid or is incomplete, this company has the right to cancel the right of registration or the use website. Your excellency knew and agreed that you to provide the content and accuracy of information must take all responsibility.

Company will occasionally use the information provided to inform the transformation and recently established service of KissyPet Company and website, and with the benefit that your excellency is closely linked. If not want to get hold of these informations, may inform us in email Your excellency knows the information possibly disclose to the below entities and make the following use:

- This company and/or any public figure or company in this company;
- Must fulfill security responsibility to this company any public figure or the company;
- Any contractor and business agent and company for the above goal or with the above goal related, or administration, telecommunication and computer, or other professional services to this company or service companies;
- Analyzes, verifies and inspects the condition of your excellency credit, payment and related service;
- Processes any payment operation that your excellency requests;
- Gathers your excellency account and service related unpaid amount;
- Any bank or the financial institution related to your excellency
- Some informations will possibly have " cookies " collection, your excellency may change the browser to make cookies expire.

Login/revision/renewal personal data
Your excellency can revise and renew your personal data in "My account" at any time. The member registered permanent address is to receive the password protection, therefore only then this member can record and inspect its member account information.

Email Connection
Your excellency can use the email connection on KissyPet Company and website to contact and to propose this company directly about any issue and expresses opinion. This company will read all message and gives the reply as soon as possible. All this informations can serve as the aim of improving the service of this company. This company will not discloses your personal data to the third party wihtout your agreement.

Contacts us
If the user has the issue of any related security and personal privacy, fee free email to