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CIAO Churu Puree Lickable Cat Treat Box - Chicken Party Mix SC-140



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  • Give your cat a treat unlike any other! CIAO Churu is a great lickable liquid treats for cats that never ever had before.

  • Collagen included, an important protein for bone, joint and skin care.

  • Party Mix - 3 different flavors inside with 20 sticks each: Chicken with Whitebait & Bonito, Chicken with Bonito & Scallop, Chicken with Seabream

  • Japan's No. 1 selling cat treats.

  • Contains green tea extracts for anti-odour properties. Green tea extract adsorbs the smell of contents in the intestinal tract and relieves feces and urinary odor.

  • High in moisture that helps replenish fluid loss in cat's body.

  • Great for finicky cats.

  • Content: 14g x 60 Stick.

  • Simply tear open the tube and give it a little squeeze to feed by hand. You can also pour them into a bowl or use as a tasty topper on wet or dry food.

  • Ingredients:
    【とりささみ しらす・かつお節入り】鶏肉(ささみ)、かつお節エキス、しらす、かつお節、糖類(オリゴ糖等)、コラーゲンペプチド、植物性油脂、増粘剤(加工でん粉)、ミネラル類、増粘多糖類、調味料(アミノ酸等)、ビタミンE、紅麹色素、緑茶エキス
    【とりささみ かつお節・ほたて貝柱入り】鶏肉(ささみ)、ほたてエキス、かつお節、ほたて貝柱、糖類(オリゴ糖等)、コラーゲンペプチド、植物性油脂、増粘剤(加工でん粉)、ミネラル類、増粘多糖類、調味料(アミノ酸等)、ビタミンE、紅麹色素、緑茶エキス
    【とりささみ 鯛だし仕立て】鶏肉(ささみ)、鯛エキス、糖類(オリゴ糖等)、コラーゲンペプチド、植物性油脂、増粘剤(加工でん粉)、ミネラル類、増粘多糖類、調味料(アミノ酸等)、ビタミンE、紅麹色素、緑茶エキス

  • Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein: 7% (min)
    Crude Fat: 0.2% (min)
    Crude Fiber: 0.1% (max)
    Moisture: 91% (max)
    Ash: 1.7% (max)

CIAO Churu Puree Lickable Cat Treat Box - Party Mix Chicken SC-140
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