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  • Applaws

    INABA Low Fat Wet Dog Food Pouch

    INABA Japan fully controlled factory, highly monitored food quality by japanese management team. 100% natural ingredient, grain free and human graded pet food. Added japan green tea ingredient for reducing the mouth odor which can reduce the chance of Periodontal disease.

    Low-fat chicken filet with no byproducts. High palatability topping provided, Single serve for small-size dog, Made with only human quality ingredients. No byproducts. No artificial coloring. No preservative.

  • Kakato

    Kakato Canned Dog Food

    Kakato is a New Zealand Maori language, means delicious. Kakato's premium pet food has three major elements of high-quality ingredients, natural taste, and edible by people.

    The founder, Dr. Fang, has always supported local pet assistance regardless of the size of pet market, Dr. Fang hopes all pet owners from the world will get to know Kakato starting from Hong Kong :

    • Kakato officially launched five canned cats and dogs food in Hong Kong in 2010. Kakato has finally become the most famous brand recommended by veterinarian in Hong Kong.

    • In order to encourage more people with love and enthusiasm for animals to join the animal medical industry in Hong Kong, Dr. Fang established the Kakato study Scholarship in 2016 to assist more young people to study veterinary degree courses without financial pressure.

    • Hong Kong law does not allow pets to take public transportation, Dr. Fang established the Kakato Pet Bus in 2012 to provide free pick-up service, allowing pets and their owners to take bus together, and easily reaching different outing spots for a pleasant stay weekend.

    • In 2012, Dr. Fang organized Hong Kong's first Human-Dog Charity Walk, allowing dogs and their owners to complete a number of interactive games in nature to enhance natural feelings. All the proceeds from the event will be donated for animal welfare.

    • 2020 is the tenth anniversary of Kakato premium pet food. Dr. Fang announced the establishment of the first Kakato Animal Food Bank, aims to assist more independent volunteers who take care of stray dog and cats.

  • K9 Natural

    K9 Natural Canned Dog Food

    K9 Natural Canned Dog Food - Free from all gelling agents, the only other thing we add to our canned dog food is natural, New Zealand water. The grain-free, wholefood goodness of our complete diet in a convenient, easy to store, ready to use can.

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  • Wellness
  • Zignature


    Zignature® is formulated to serve your canine companion’s needs by delivering the highest quality, well balanced diets. Physiologically Tuned™, limited ingredient premium food for dogs. Hypo-allergenic meat first recipe, with no Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy or Chicken, Chicken Eggs or Chicken By-Products.

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