Air or Freeze-Dried Cat Food 

  • K9 Feline Natural

    K9 Feline Natural freeze dried cat food

    Freeze Dried Goodness

    Our premium freeze dried cat food range uses only the highest quality ingredients giving your cat the locked in natural goodness of fresh pure ingredients with the combined benefit of an intense flavour boost.

    Give your cat the natural goodness of fresh pure ingredients with the added benefit of an intense meaty flavour boost. Use as a complete meal or sprinkle over your cat’s food as a tasty topper.

  • Northwest Naturals NWN

    nwn freeze dried

  • Stella & Chewy's

    Stella & Chewy's freeze dried cat food

    Each Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw dinner morsel recipe is formulated to mirror a cat’s ancestral diet! There has never been a more conveneint way to feed a biologically appropriate raw food diet.

    Trusted in over 30 countries worldwide, Nutram recipes represent the finest Canadian quality through many decades of pet nutrition excellence.

    Only the Good Stuff!

    At Stella & Chewy's, we believe that selecting the best food is one of the most important decisions a pet parent makes. From our first delivery to the last batch crafted in our own USA kitchen, we are focused on making the highest quality pet food available. We only use quality ingredients responsibly sourced from farmers and ranchers we know and trust. Our dinners for cats are 98% meat, organs & bone and our animal proteins have no added hormones or antibiotics.

  • ZiwiPeak

    ZiwiPeak Air Dried Pet Food

    Ziwi - Mount Maunganui based premium pet food manufacturer, Ziwi, has taken top honours at the 2018 Zespri BOP ExportNZ Awards. New Zealand is an island nation with strict bio-security there are no infectious animal diseases such as BSE (mad cow) or foot and mouth disease. All fish is caught in the Southern oceans of New Zealand and strictly managed by the New Zealand government to ensure maximum sustainability. Ziwi chooses to only source from humane, ethical and sustainably managed local farms and operate under Zealand government regulation in Risk Management Programme(RMP). Famous singer LADY GAGA has been feeding Ziwi Peak to her gorgeous French bulldog, Asia!

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Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items