10 + 1 Offer 


10 + 1 Offer: Collect 10 product barcodes to redeem 1 bag FREE

Participating Brands: AvoDerm (Dry Food), Fussie Cat (Dry Food, Cat Litter), Zignature (Dry Food)

10 + 1 Promotion is offered by Brand Distributor, customers can redeem the barcodes from distributor directly. Contact of brand distributor is shown on product bag.

For the convenience of customers who purchase these products through us, we can redeem the FREE bag on behalf of customers. Customers can come in person or send the barcodes to us for redemption. Please whatsapp ahead the barcode photo to 53300551 and state what to redeem, and wait until we reply with confirmation before coming or sending out the barcodes. Please note that our redemption service is only applicable to customers who purchased those items from us. If purchase record is not verified, this service will not be provided.

Redemption Procedure

  1. Redeem from Brand Distributor
    Customer can contact brand distributor for redemption. Contact of brand distributor is shown on product bag. Normally takes about 1-3 weeks. Customer needs to return the barcodes to distributor, they will notify customer to pickup the FREE bag at their office once it's verified.
  2. Redeem via KissyPet
    Please whatsapp us at 53300551 stating what to redeem together with the barcode photo. Once we've verified the purchase record, customer can come to redeem in person or send the barcodes to us. If the latter case, once we receive the barcodes and verified, we will deliver the FREE bag along with customer's order. Please note that the FREE bag will not be delivered separately and should be delivered with a valid order.
    (Please use a reliable postage service with tracking function. We will not be responsible for any postage loss.)

*We are not redemption center. Please do not send any barcodes to us without our prior confirmation. For those without purchase record, we will inform the sender to take back the barcodes in person. If there is no contact information / cannot reach the sender / sender does not come to take back, any unclaimed barcodes will be abandoned after 30 days from receipt.*

Terms & Condition

  1. 10 + 1 Offer is provided by Brand Distributor. Customer can contact distributor and redeem from them directly. Our redemption service is only applicable to customers who purchased those items from us.
  2. Please cut the barcode along with the dotted line. Barcodes should be in complete and not damaged, with "Proof of Purchase" clearly shown. Any incomplete or damaged barcodes will be considered invalid and result in failure of redemption.
  3. 10 barcodes should be collected from the same weight of product to get one same bag free. 
  4. If barcodes consist of different flavors (same weight), lower value bag will be offered as gift. 
  5. In case of any dispute, KissyPet reserves the right for final decision.
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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items