• Stew

    Wellness Stew

    Wellness Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food Stew is a natural, grain-free dog food for adult dogs presented in a homestyle stew with tender cuts in savory gravy. It's an everyday entree that is a delicious and nutritious way to make more out of mealtime. These deliciously chunky, slow-cooked classics use whole food ingredients that provide exceptional nutrition and extraordinary flavor. As a special treat or as part of your regular feeding, Wellness wet canned dog foods are yet another delicious way for your dog to eat healthy.

  • CORE

    CORE® is a grain-free family of natural dog food that is protein- focused, so it’s bold in flavor and big on nutrition. With 80% more meat than traditional dog foods containing grains, CORE supports the raw feeding philosophy to provide an extremely high level of meat. CORE products are 100% free of grain and animal by-products, while remaining flavor-full of meaty protein.

  • 95%


    Wellness Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food 95% Meat Recipes can be used as a mixer or topper and are a healthy, natural way to add meat content and variety to a dog’s diet. Each Wellness wet canned dog food formula is cooked right in the can so freshness and taste are locked in, and they provide a quick, safe and more convenient alternative to serving raw or cooked meats.

  • Complete Health
  • CORE 95%
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